Tuesday, January 11, 2011

what do the fools now ask

they ask now why was a raja was asked to go...

well, the fools must now be pointed out that because a constitutional authority decided to do fancy stuff with telecom, and because a bunch of useless idiots like subramanian swamy and prashant bhushan thought they are too clever, the government and its ally the DMK  decided to ask the minister to step down until things were cleared up.

but, the fools convinced themselves that they were on something that they could latch on to, and so now when the telecom minister comes out with the plain truth, all the fools are disputing the minister. well, the fools will never ever understand that the telecom minister is the telecom miniter and any fool from the media who wants to act more knowledgeable than the telecom minister cannot be that. if the telecom minister tells something, accept that, instead, the media fools now are telling that the telecom minister is not doing right.

when the media fools just did not have the calibre to call a spade a spade, not one of these fools could muster that kind of calibre...they are all in pursuit of sensation and have no time for common sense.

well, lo behold, all you fools of the media, the telecom minister has spoken the sense. that is sense, try to understand that.

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