Friday, December 31, 2010

joke of the year 2010

if anyone wanted to see whether anything could rival or match the CAG'S 176000, it is CNN-IBN 's selection of nitish kumar as the person of the year.

according to cnn-ibn, he is the good while laloo and paswan are the bad and the ugly. if any of us continue to watch our english news channels in the new year, they can be certified to become one-track morons at the end of the next 365 days. this guy nitish is suddenly the favorite of the news channels, theyve latched on to him as he is the force that is going to break the so-called casteism..that can be called the joke of the decade just-over and the decade to-begin. not because, he cannot break or maybe attempt to break the casteism, but a politician who has won an election is suddenly the wowguy for all those who have no inkling of THE POLITICIANS, and look who is in league with him. we will turn out to be a country of the stupid middle classes very soon. and the topping was SUHEL SETH, the loudmouth, maybe even shobhaa de was around to tom-tom nitish kumar.the poor idiots is all we can tell about our english news channels. there was the lord meghnad desai too..SAD BUT TRUE.

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