Sunday, January 16, 2011

the wasted

when a journalist in any part of our country moves to a different part to take up an assignment, what would they have in mind.they would read up on any history of the state or region and then try to adopt a balanced perspective. there was a character called aditya sinha that was stationed in chennai for some time and is leaving now.

he would have taken some cues from a sister publication of his newspaper group that is known to espouse the world view of a minority in the state, the brahmins, who are inclined to never settle among the people, but strive to peddle themselves as the custodians of a god-given religion. this meritless character aditya sinha, has writen something by way of a parting editorial, that can be said to be the nadir of his time in chennai. throughout his time here, he seems to have learnt nothing about our people, and leaves us feeling sorry for him. this character who says his life took a spiritual turn while here, will feel at home in the company of the shiv sena, the party with a god in its name.

if the journalists of our times are such misfits and such fools, their readers are condemned to turn into sorry simpletons.

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