Thursday, January 27, 2011

p sainath

these leeches, Deaf Ears, parasites,

some of the words used to describe our parliamentarians in this website.

next, we can look at an article by the crusader p.sainath, who talks about lemmings. sainath has no time for a group of ministers. he seems to have a case against vilasrao deshmukh, but in the same breath, wields his criticism at kapil sibal, manmohan singh, montek singh, and george bush also.

so, what has happened in the country that merits such descriptions. everyone seems to be gainfully employed, and at the same time grappling with price rise too. are the masses bearing the brunt of prices because some body is levying a toll or an unfair tax on them, that grabs a big proportion of their money from them? what is the point being made? are we at the mercy of a despotic form of government, that has no care for the people? then, what is the problem? are farmers dying because of utter disregard of the government? if that is so, there is something fundamentally wrong in the state of maharashtra and its politicians. if such a massively unpardonable misgovernance that allowed 30,000 farmers to commit suicide, cannot bring the opposition to power, what are the reasons for that?

is the picture all over the country that of an unresponsive government and unresponsive politicians. is the politician desperate to use politics to get established in the money game. is every politician just thinking about how to make more and more money. is every politician least bothered about the people? does every politician tell his constituency to get lost when they go to him with their problems?

if all of that were true, is there no way to work out an alternative? if there was no chance for an alternative, then there would be despondency or angry reaction? is that what we are getting to see in such articles in our media?

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