Tuesday, January 25, 2011

are the readers herded into one-track thinking, Or Do they just get what they want

this is a tale of two editorials. two totally different opinions are given by the economic times and the hindu.



when we see the letters written in response to the article by the readers of the hindu, we get the feeling that this is what they want, their daily fix. they need to be venting their pent up feelings at some wrongdoing by some politician. without any wrongdoing by a politician, the daily life of these readers would probably become unbearable.

but surely, there is a danger of a divide being created in society between such educated one-trackers and the rest, who have no overriding need to put up with a change of government, just for the heck of it. This need is fed by the media, which turns government into a punching bag for the middle classes. the government can and should do no good. that will not be allowed, cannot be allowed. so these middle classes need to be righteously outraged on a daily basis. according to this class in society, the government must be gagged and its role is to receive egg on its face. this is the democracy of the middle classes who know it all. what does it benefit them to listen to the opinion of a minister, who can only be a confirmed charlatan.

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