Friday, January 28, 2011


the feeling that there is more to 26/11 than meets the eye is triggered when one sees the latest happenings and recollects the timing of the terrorist attack.

it was on the eve of elections for three states, madhya pradesh, delhi and rajasthan. the middle class backers of the bjp would never have expected the results to turn out the way they did. the congress won in delhi and rajasthan, while in MP, the personality of shiv raj chouhan prevailed over the congress' non-projection of a chief ministerial candidate.

the persistence of digvijay singh in keeping the issue alive, suggests the possibility of the sangh parivar having had something to do with 26/11. it is not such a no-chance event, if only one remembers the timing, just before crucial elections to three states, that was supposed to be a forerunner to general elections six months later.

there might have been a possibility of some sections of the intelligence community having an inkling of the is not extremely far-founded for some links to have been made between some sections of the bjp/rss and the terrorism businessmen based in Pakistan.

who would have paid for such a contract, probably some godman with a lot of cash. the people are wise, as they have demonstrated in election after election. now, the subramanian swamys are involved in rubbishing the electronic voting machines. there is a section out there that is obviously totally against normalcy in the country and the world.

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Shagufta said...

Anything's possible in today's time. Contracts are bought. Money can buy anything. Then the crime is camouflaged through Religion. This applies in India and across the border.
Have u ever thought if US is so anti-terrorist and for that they have laid economic and trade sanctions on some countries, then why r they allies with Pakistan (where they is concrete evidence of terrorist camps) ? The question is deeper. Religion has nothing to do with killings. If you seek the answers, the findings will send shock waves!
The bigger waves aside, the small reasons are of course known to all. Thankfully, India is manufacturing most of its military equipments now!