Friday, December 10, 2010

why live a life like this; keeping stirring the pot and misusing the dignity that has been bestowed on the media

the person writing these is making a living by giving a slant and a selectivity to the issues of the day, which he/she thinks has an audience. the human being and the life on earth has evolved to a level where such people go about in our societies making a living by feeding some thing to the people which he/she knows is only slanted and selected.cant these people find honour in their lives, cant they bring dignity into their thinking.why do they need to live like this, without honour.why would they do such a living,maybe because they do not have it in themselves to live a life of discipline and dignity, feeling as they do that they cannot make it big by adopting honesty and honour.what we learn from such characters of our times is that the short cut never goes anywhere except round and round, it is only when one strives without fear and with truth in the heart does one begin to make meaning of life.

those among the brahmins, the unworthy brahmins, who still do not realise that by peddling some of their fabrications of the past to some gullible people and leading them astray, they are scarring nature and can only bring more disrepute as time goes by. the more that they go about pretending, the more they are going to be rejected and reversed over time.

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