Friday, December 10, 2010

nandini krishnan
she probably thinks she is clever and also probably thinks that it is the calling of the educated urbanite to attempt a few diatribes against the politicians. why does an educated person lose all bearing and turn into such shallowness, where they need to gossip aimlessly and have the desperate need to look clever and smarter than they are.does the possession of a trouble-free life need to be matched by the belief that one can think on behalf of others who probably look to be having troubles. is there a disquiet lurking deep within that one is still not near to any sense of completeness in life,is there a guilt of having become used to the easy life of servants available for every thing.the well-oiled life actually bestows the responsibility to being grateful, or at least unpretentious.why does the opposite happen, the move to pretentiousness and the move to consoling oneself that all is well. it is because there is the availability of a group of people who have fashioned a so-called religion, a so-called pursuit and hangout for all the people with the well-oiled lives. they visit these places of so-called religiosity and have a nourishment of the senses, the pure life and the too-good feeling then is used to motivate antagonism against any organisation that might be seeking to empower everyone in a basic sense. the talk veers around to freebies, some even talk of making the people beggars..instead of being at ease, the feeling that the well-oiled life might be at peril overrides all sense of satisfaction at everyone getting everything. the remedy can only be to stay away from the so-called hinduism and its farcical pretensions. the unpretentiousness of a non-vedic saivism would be the perfect remedy to the guilt or disquiet of having it all.

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