Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Pioneer

It has no hesitation publishing complete lies in banner headlines....

such people and organizations live with a purpose of helping their folk and their matter how the normality is disrupted and how life of the people is stifled...and they control the media...and go about their work with missionary zeal...these are the terrorists....subramanian swamy is their prime messiah....we have to brook their we cannot break free of the web of the so-called hinduism that has been woven and is held in place by some unworthy brahmins...these people present themselves as highly religious and pious...yet are the worst scoundrels that creation ever threw up...truth will triumph after all tribulations...through which we must go through as the test of time.

arundhati should also talk about where the 800 million who are living on less than twenty rupees a day are actually living...which parts of India are doing well..and which parts are doing the worst...that should be the endeavour...that attempt to find out where things are fine will reveal the answer to everyone...the unworthy among the brahmins are trying their best to get the development impeded in the places in which the  aryan disease is slowly being rid of.

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