Friday, December 31, 2010

this site is supposed to be about religion and religiosity. it is populated by a minority sect of Tamilnadu, the brahmins, who enjoy the most unencumbered, unconstrained and unrestrained existence possible or persistent, for a minority, anywhere in the world.

however, some members of this sect have misconstrued the secular acceptance by the people of this sect and all that it professed and peddled, professes and peddles. these fringe elements, one hopes, of this sect want to believe that they are at the origin and the crux of everything in their present land of existence. this inability to live with the fact that they are a minority has resulted in a fanaticism and a madness where they cannot digest anyone who criticizes the flaws in their religion. they have a problem even with living with the possibility that they are a minority that came here for sustenance. the denizens of the state are least inclined to point out this fact, but it becomes inevitable when this sect goes about misutilizing the space that has been given by the people. now, if someone criticizes them for the brutality and the mismatch between their texts, and the way the people live, they are inclined to think in terms of mad rage. but who will this mad rage consume? this fringe of this minority sect must realise that this mad rage will consume themselves as well as be a nuisance for those of their sect who go about practicing their religion without any fuss.

In this article, the writers called garudan and elumalai, talk about cutting off the hand, legs or head of a asura, rakshasa, and about hacking the body of the asura into pieces. they write that all of that is not needed but the similar can be achieved by throttling a parrot's neck, which will achieve the effect of all that they would wish to do with the asura/arakkan, citing some similar story. they talk about good and evil, they talk about chopping off the body parts of the arakkan. This is the state of the brahmin in Tamilnadu today, some sections of it, who are getting fits of mad despondency at being found out to be a pedestrian crowd of peddlers of superstition and malice.

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