Wednesday, December 22, 2010

the new indian express

john maclithon tells in the new indian express that he came up with his famous phrase"the moribund and leaderless congress party has latched on to Sonia Gandhi who is Italian by birth and Roman Catholic by baptism."

i hadnt heard of it till now, but john maclithon himself tells that it is famous. he tells that in the last thousand years, millions of hindus have died. he tells his readers that a thousand thousand hindus have died  in the last thousand years. that is hindus have died at the rate of thousand a year for the last thousand years, at the receiving end of terror, if we take only a million to have died, while he talks of millions.

does the hinduism that he has possibly gone into in some detail talk about killing and exterminating rivals. he would have come across a few instances of the texts of the so-called hinduism talk about offerings to the gods to subdue and defeat the rivals.

if not, he would have at least found a few instances in the texts of the universality of man, and he would have realised that he is a fool when talking about ITALIAN while referring to the universality that can be found in some thoughts of the hindu texts.

instead, we have today, this author of hindutva, sex and adventures, seeking to actually portray a view that hindus are the victims of terror.he has not travelled around the country to the extent where he will realise that the people of the subcontinent are neither fools to need his kind of opinion nor are they the ones who shirk from violence...anybody coming into the subcontinent with the folly that the people can be subdued because they are civilised will have realised slowly but surely that you do not mess with the indian subcontinent with stupidity. you can settle down and go about your work only as long as you are not meddling around too much. when push comes to shove, the reality of the recoil will be nasty and abrupt. john maclithon peddles his book and his opinions to a newspaper and its readers, which obviously do not know this, because they are not  a part of the people. the hangers on need the opinion of anyone and everyone to keep their folly intact, the folly of slowly and surely inviting a ejection into the sidelines, where they obviously belong. they do not fit in the prominence because they then start thinking that they are the special ones.

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