Friday, December 31, 2010


i saw some clips of this movie a few days back. the hindi movie industry is making movies of trash commercialism and crass flaunting and projecting of a lifestyle and a culture of blatant materialism. i dont know how or why no one has made the connection between all the rapes and crimes in delhi and the movies and the characters being taken to the people by bollywood. anybody watching a hindi movie would come out with the urge to spend and live the lives of the characters being projected. these characters are becoming popular in some western countries, but our people are cursed to have to watch such a film industry and the type of culture that is projected. an occasional movie on some extremely rare ailment or illness is touted as the best, as it gives the critics and the elites a facade of is the biggest mystery as to what kind of a person would be a reviewer of hindi movies. the critic/reviewer will be someone who lives in a mall, thinks in a mall and probably dies in  a mall. instead of enlightening the mall crowd, which would need a connect with the world out there, the hindi movies are giving this crowd a mirror to see themselves. all the normal folk who watch these movies in ordinary theatres around the country will have their thoughts and predilections driven towards the pursuit of money, pleasure and excess.they will probably be thinking about why labour when a life of luxury beckons with a life of crime and speed. why go through the normal when the immoral attracts.

this industry of mall movies got into the bbc list for the year with a movie about an immigrant in america, maybe he had some rare ailment too, i did not watch my name is khan. how remote from the people of india can a immigrant to america be, but that is the story that the creative minds of bollywood want our people to see.

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