Saturday, December 18, 2010

sri sri ravishankar

the very famous person who gives packaged religion to the monied and the troubled, has revealed himself to be possessing the intelligence quotient of a fifteen-year old. it will be a big curiosity as to how this wise guru cannot understand the difference between hindu terrorism and the so-called hinduism. and then the wise guru tells,"certainly, he has no knowledge about hinduism and its greatness." it makes one feel pity for this great religion that the greatness is not known to Rahul, why did the great religion miss out. sri sri ravishankar actually wants Rahul to enlist in his art of living classroom. how wonderful that would be for the prime minister in the making to learn the art of living as mastered by sri sri. sri sri is a character who lays claim to more knowledge of this so-called hinduism, which allows him to then peddle it to the rest of the members of this s0-called hinduism..this so-called religion is so great that many people who are its so-called members are constantly reminded, with anger and contempt, by such characters, that they do not know anything about the greatness of the can such a pitiable condition have come upon us, where we the so-called members of this so-called religion, are reminded by some so-fantasising protectors, that we do not know the greatness of the so-called religion..

this must be the greatest hoax that was enacted on earth, where some mumbo-jumbo is passed of as a great religion, and when the rulers of the land and the responsible of the land, point out the dangers of some fanatics from this fold turning into terrorists, the wise guru tells the rulers and the responsible that they do not know the greatness of the so-called religion...such an unwise guru, would have been asked to stay away from things that are not in his sphere of activity, peddling greatness of a religion, by the rulers of the past. such nonsense from some wise gurus of the past would have been a headache for those entrusted with the responsibility of governing the country, in the past and in the present. the future should be free of such greatness-peddlers.

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