Saturday, December 18, 2010

in the history of the world

never would it have happened anywhere that a minority is given the chance to openly orchestrate a campaign against the effort of the majority to uphold its way of life. only in Tamilnad can be seen a minority that openly tries to disrupt the majority's efforts to uphold its way of life against the corrupt minority. here, we have a minority and its leaders try everything possible to disrupt the majority's attempts to ensure that truth is not buried under the avalanche of falsehood that was propagated by a vile section of the minority.

how much leeway was granted to those among the brahmins that still want to believe that their religion is the religion of the people. such an accursed group of people, never would have been imagined by the creative forces of nature. here, we have a minority that wants to flourish in its land of refuge, while dominating and misguiding the majority. such a vileness can never have been foreseen by nature where some people who got their niche to survive, wanted to usurp power and control the majority in the land where they sought survival. is this what humans are capable of, showing contempt and arrogance after getting a foothold in a new land?

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