Monday, December 20, 2010

headlines today

was telling on monday december 20, 2010, that a raja brazens it out.what that means is someone who has been proven guilty is not submitting to the due process...times now said time up for raja...what that means is someone who has been convicted has been running from the law and now he has been cornered...

what is true is that some allegations have been made by some parties, which are being investigated by the central bureau of investigation, and in that investigation a questionnaire is being sought to be presented to the person facing the allegations...after that person has answered the questions, the investigators will evaluate whether there was any wrongdoing, and if there is any wrongdoing the agency will file the chargesheet...after that, the process would move to the court, where the verdict is delivered...

in this scenario, that the minister is being asked to answer the allegations, we have headlines today telling that a raja brazens it out when he tells that he is extending all cooperation to the investigating authorities..times now tells time runs out for raja when raja tells the reporter that he will submit to the due process of law..

what these channels are demonstrating is the attitude to beg or steal or cheat, all for the sake of the salary at the end of the day...when the investigation is just on, these two channels, and one other, cnn-ibn, which was saying two days back that anna salai land is linked to 2g scam, and was saying 2 weeks back that the prime minister was armtwisted by a ally...what it used to infer that the pm was armtwisted...a letter written by the concerned minister protesting against intrusion by other ministries..

what we have today are the modern-day parasites, suited and sitting in tv studios, but waiting to beg, steal or cheat, all to make money.this is the honourableness of the antecedents of these modern day parasites...

these parasites can be lived with, but the biggest danger is that these parasites are aping the actions of the bjunkparty, which wrecked the lives of a generation, by making them feel that they had to be ashamed for the fact that we had muslim rulers. the whole sagacity, wisdom and character of our civilisation was smashed and tarred by the attempts of the bjunkparty and its motivators, who made a generation feel that being ruled by muslim rulers was something to be retrieved in some way..the normal rule of kings and the concomitant response of the people was made out into us versus them...all by the jokers who talk about the hinduism which talks about creation and evolution. the bjoker party is a pack of buffoons who can be counselled or wished away by our people when their  antics cross the boundary of ignorable into the realm of the people, but the harm they do to those who fall for their buffoonery act is something that takes a long time to be set right...the generation of the nineties who fell for the buffoonery of the bjunk party, will even now be feeling the hurt of having been taken for a ride..having sent the buffoons to their homes, we are now faced by the new buffoons, the new parasites, who are now taking a new generation for fools, and are giving the wrong picture and the wrong impression, all for survival. this has to be the last challenge for us, first were the buffoons of the sections which actually believes that its texts are real and have deep come the apes of the electronic media, who think that anything can be twisted, and who think that being in the electronic media means that they can forget honour...A Raja gives us the chance to get over the new parasites...not one of these new parasites has found the sense to dispute the cag report...that is the verdict of our time on the last of the parasites that plagued the country.


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