Friday, December 10, 2010


why did he lose it?because he got imprisoned?

he should be thanking the governemnt for having imprisoned him, that made him a person who walks the talk.

instead what we have here is foolish anger and ignorance and a proclivity for grasping at thin air.these angry or motivated people with the least sense of gratitude cannot be understood easily.why are there such types amongst us who are not able to get over their personal feeling of angst and look at the bigger picture. why do they turn into such a state of hopelessness that they lose the ability to use their brains. again, the wrong calculations are at work, where the easiest way out is grasped at by the obviously least-equipped to lead in the right way. the nedumarans, vaikos and seemans are the ones in our times who got all worked up and dissolved in either their inability or stupidity. that is the most generous way that we can label these sorry characters who could never suborn their pride to the prosperity of the tamil people. an even more generous view would be that they did not have the patience to work with patience.instead, they speak all fire and brimstone and achieve absolutely nothing.what is important, ones ego or the destiny of the people. if the diaspora think that such types are to be welcomed, then they are unlearning all that they should have learned by now.

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