Friday, December 10, 2010

the dignity versus the disease

A Raja tells nobody is above scrutiny---times now tells raja loses bravado
raja tells he will prove his innocence---times now tells raja falls in line---time now tells tainted raja cornered by cbi

while the minister maintains his dignity in the face of the utmost monkey behaviour....the diseased middle-aged characters of our electronic media, who are on tv because they speak english, go about behaving with the most un-indianness, descending to losing every sense of balance in the desperation for money and the necessity to survive and sustain, we need to introspect why we have allowed a diseased loutishness to be performing its dance. why does a person who talks good english need to tell that a minister loses his bravado and that a minister falls in line and that he has been cornered as if the talk is about some mafia don on the run...why is there a court and why is there a parliament, when a minister can be labeled as losing bravado and falling in line and being cornered...will these diseased characters have it in themselves to look beyond their monthly paychecks and realise that they are the interlopers, the parasites, that makes a living by scrambling and picking up anything and everything that might be thrown by anyone..the most dishonorouble pursuit of a human being in todays world can be to be someone working in some of our television news channels today.why live like this?is that what civilised people do to get they try to attract the customer by performing loutish acts of they maintain business by attracting crowds that portray a sense of success or do they succeed by selling quality goods.

and then, we have some wise idiots telling us that raja is not being attacked because he is a dalit. 

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