Thursday, December 2, 2010

the murders

one is a terrorist, the other is a nation.
one is banned, the other is the partner.
one is killed, the other pulls the trigger.
one cannot get his country, the other gets more than his country.
one cannot fight back with weapons, the other can attack with the support of every body who means business.
canada, australia, the united states, all probably think that the world began in 1948, maybe because that was when israel was formed.

cnn-ibn describes the video as stomach churning...the channel 's background and its mode of thinking is clearly revealed by the use of the word stomach churning...this is how the media of our country reacts when they see evidence of war crimes, their stomach churns.

a sorry sri lankan desperado speaks in defence, telling that it is the work of the ltte supporters.
who are the the question of our time.

is it all the ones who roamed around the world, without settling down like their fellow humans. is it these vagabonds who do not have a root, a it these wandering wastrels' desperate attempt to stamp out all those who lived in one it borne out of the deepest frustration of not being able to have a homeland that satisfies the mind and the soul...surely, there is a way out...these troubled sinners can be redeemed only if their victims summon a large hearted forgiveness.

who wants to control culture.who is never at ease with the common sense of simplicity...that is the human being who cheats in the name of god, religion and the holy book.that is the human being who stifles human existence, wisdom and fairplay, and the alliance with nature.

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