Wednesday, December 22, 2010

amulya ganguli

this article by amulya ganguli gives the opinion and the view that mayawati has only built statues in the time that she has been in power. the positives of her government in the time that it has been in power would be atleast a few, if not many. we do not have the exact picture of the work done by the uttar pradesh government headed by mayawati.

in an english newspaper, amulya ganguli tells his readers what they probably want to hear, that mayawati has failed. the words used for her government are shame and ridicule. hence, according to amulya ganguli, the last word has been said about the uttar pradesh government. the reader of the new indian express would be satisfied with this sweep by amulya ganguli.

the question that raises itself is whether amulya ganguli can dispense with honesty and balance in his quest to write a few words that fetch him a few thousands. why does amulya ganguli need to talk of a current government in the past sense, as he tells that mayawati saw power as a means to self-publicity rather than as an opportunity to serve the people.

is the reader of the new indian express the type of character who will believe that all that mayawati has on her mind is self-publicity and that she does not realise that being the chief minister is an opportunity to serve the people. if they are inclined to believe amulya ganguli, then it is a case of like meets like.

then, amulya ganguli moves to a number that boggles his mind, which he describes as the country's biggest scam, 1,76,000 crores. amulya ganguli obviously does not have the need or the calibre to analyse that number. he is quite happy to go with the prevailing jamboree.

finally, amulya ganguli tells that a rise in living standards would leave leaders like mayawati without a social plank...this is the opinion of amulya ganguli, who reveals that social prominence has not helped him to improve his calibre.

he could not perform the responsibility of a journalist, which is to provide balanced and informed opinion. notwithstanding the prominence enjoyed by him, it was not a sufficient condition to be honest and intelligent.

did amulya ganguli have the time or the calibre to go look into all of this, or did he travel through the vast state of uttar pradesh?

probably not, he probably formed his opinion of the current government of uttar pradesh by going through the very media itself of which he is a part...some statues and some interpolations are all that one needs to judge the ministers and the government and then we will have the readers who are probably feeling good after reading amulya ganguli's article, responding in acknowledgement of the confirmation of what they already knew all along...

good advice by informed journalists, criticism by wise journalists, is essential in democracy..what is more important is to provide the analysis to an informed audience or an audience which is eagerly waiting for the informed analysis.

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