Thursday, December 2, 2010

all the useless characters get together and justify their existence

it is simple, the recordings should not have been made public...that is how governments are formed in a country of the size of India.that is how lobbyists do their work,the more parties that come in from the states, and the more that a responsible talking ground of parliament is respected and nourished, the more that we will mature as a democracy..if rajdeep sardesai, barkha dutt and arnab goswami want to earn good salaries, they have to find out what honesty is and they have to find out what balance is, and adopt it in their lives.there is no need to act like they are shaping the country.they have been engaged in a thorough job of turning their viewers into half-baked idiots by feeding them something plucked from here, something taken out of context there, and going about their existence, nicely and wonderfully enjoying life, at the expense of all the viewers who are left in a state of limbo. the partner of this motley bunch of entirely useless characters is the bharatiya janata party, which has wrecked parliament in the last six years.

the country will develop when the people start talking in parliament through their representatives. a useless bunch of fattening people who call the elected representative as escaping and cornered and looting, as if talking about some interloper, have established themselves in history as needing money above all else, above discipline, above common sense, above the need to respect the viewers need for a good story.after thoroughly failing in every aspect, they are now talking, still trying to believe that their good salaries are justly earned.

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