Monday, December 13, 2010

kavita karkare

how the atmosphere in the country has degenerated after the advent of the electronic media is plainly evident through the statements of kavita karkare.she is talking from the goodness of her heart that wants the focus to stay on those who killed her husband and is having the simple and pure apprehension that the shift in focus might give leeway to the culprits...but the prevailing media atmosphere where a barkha dutt, a rajdeep sardesai, arnab goswami have been given the privilege to question a two-time chief minister, is an absolute disgrace...

why should these ever-evolving brats need to be given air-time with a person who has held the post of chief minister.the dwarfs when given their outing in the sun, do not utilize it in the good-natured way in which they are given access to the political leader. the days of the good old pure and 'they are learning' and 'our own kids' has now given way to a dumb assumption of these characters that they are also on a par with the political leaders, as exemplified by arnab goswami..if these types had gone about their duties and their learning with sincerity and honesty, they would have received a due respect by now.but all along the way, they pretended in bombast, and today they have taken the entire educated tv watching classes for a ride...these tv watching pitiables have been convinced thoroughly that a raja  is corrupt because that is how arnab goswami,rajdeep sardesai and barkha dutt have projected it. when A raja is found to have performed everything according to the rules, these pitiable tv watchers will then feel that they have been cheated, and might even get despondent..that is how, in our country today, three undeserving characters are wrecking the lives of a million or more people by pretending to know all, all in the quest to earn money...the descent into craziness is so pronounced that kavita karkare feels she needs to warn a politician who has been chief minister of  a state about not benefiting Pakistan. how much things have worsened is exemplified by the innocent belief of kavita karkare that she needs to tell the politicians how to do their work..nothing can help resolve the situation except if these new-age clowns decide to adopt honesty and discipline and balance.

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