Saturday, December 11, 2010

the 2g mess is getting messier by the day

says cnn-ibn...what is messier, a lobbyists calls are made public and all the journalists decide that it is the watershed moment where they are called upon to act out their does business get done in the world, by each company writing editorials or op-eds in newspapers and then waiting for the sms poll to find out whether the public has favored their line or the opponent's line...the sms poll will decide which corporate will move ahead in the competitive surge for a foothold...

some body alleges that nira radia is a spy and then the whole thing becomes messier and too real...from the unreal clamour of the bjp and the admk.

the media of our times is a filler, while the democratic processes roll along, our media will take something from somewhere and present it as is an entertainment for those wanting to believe, the longer that they believe, the longer will an issue be milked....the longer that they believe, the longer that those who believe are helping feed a group of disconnected and worthless individuals.

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