Saturday, December 11, 2010

kavita karkare

she has decided that everyone must know that the terrorists from Pakistan killed her husband. the wife of a martyr has decided that she will now live her life in her own terms, and not on the terms of her husband.

the bharatiya joker party has put up all type of slant to the statement by digvijay singh. it is an indication of the elitist bias within our society that the bjokerparty is able to give a slant to a reported conversation. does the bjokerparty want the conversation not to be reported. it is amazing how much those of us who have a racial bias inside them are also at the same time willing to become the buffoons who give hope to the bjokerparty. a conversation is taken all the way to pakistan and national security by the prime joker of the bjokerparty ravi shankar prasad...and the widow of karkare decides that she needs to give her kavita karkare wanting to join politics and become a voice of the bjokerparty.

a conversation is reported as SHOCKER by almost all tv channels...what is shocking about it...did these channels doubt that karkare would have probably got some threatening calls from the supporters of sadhvi, among the supporters were lkadvani...or did these channels think it shocking that karkare would confide in digvijay singh, a politician for goodness, sake, and not with an arnab goswami or a rajdeep sardesai, the holiest and cleanest indians of our times who are gods gift to india, the could karkare go and confide to digvijay singh, a politician for gods sake...SHOCKING...

and then all channels swoop around to BJP slams DIGVIJAY SINGH...FOR WHAT,for digvijay singh having had the gall to talk to someone was investigating their beloved could divijay singh even talk to the person who has dared to arrest our beloved sadhvi.... and digvijay singh having reported that conversation...the entire media is turning into far worse than pedestrian...they are on their knees, begging for anything to put out on their channels, and do not have any claim to intelligence now...their fear and insecurity is turning them or revevealing their true calibre...the biggest mystery is who watches these channels...has one of these channels had the wisdom to question the cag report on the telecom issue...that is far too much intelligence for the groupies who report on shocker, slammer etc...

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