Sunday, November 21, 2010

swapan dasgupta

he says that it would be fair to say that that the DMK is highly placed in the index of venality.

on what basis does he say that, only the journalistic paragon can explain, the paragon who said l k advani was a  defining moment in the politics of our country.the defining moment who was told to sit at home by the citizens, as he had wreaked enough bloodshed and raked enough hatred already.

he says that it would be fair to say that the DMK is venal, which means the condition of being susceptible to bribery or corruption. how does he possibly think like that, maybe the unassuming reader of the times of india would think that the DMK has various court cases pending against it. the ignorant reader might even assume that the DMK is also like jayalalithaa. will swapan dasgupta talk anyday about the plans and programs of the DMK in TamilNadu,which should be replicated all over the country, he will never do that, as he thinks that his agenda is served by headlines such as PM Failed To Curb Coalition ADHARMA...he is all at home when talking about dharma and adharma, for he keeps company with the dharmic people who have the blood of thousands on their hands,in his heart, he might even have justified that dharmic act.

swapan dasgupta decided that it would be easy for him to label the DMK with the tag of venality, as the existing climate makes that quite easy. will he inform his readers that the CAG  report asks the readers of the report to dispute the methodology of extrapolation that was used by it. will swapan dasgupta or anyone expand on that point?no,that can be done by some meritorious journalist who does not have the need to please his editor, who needs to please his political friends. the DMK is an easy target for these corporate media writers, as it is a regional party and any label can be used at will as was done by the journalistic tragedy vir sanghvi in the new indian express.

the dynamism of a regional party is not at all welcomed by such english-speaking stalwarts, who have revealed themselves in the telecom episode to be uselessly one-sided, useless to the national need of strengthening federalism. where is the scam, not one of this worthless crowd will think twice before using a word like scam...they just need to grab the attention of the readers, that is how they get their daily bread, in the era of competition.

as long as the people are served half truths and quarter histories, these media types will earn the collective brand of traitors,at the very least, they fulfill the definition of parasites perfectly.

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