Saturday, November 13, 2010

Vir Sanghvi, the well-crafted suave image is stripped away

pomposity---Characterized by excessive self-esteem or exaggerated dignity---Full of high-sounding phrases; bombastic-----

this is a meek description of the person behind this article.

it is very evident as to why the north lags behind the south in economic development and other indicators...if the media in the north has such opinions from such exemplars, it reveals a mediocrity and a pedestrian state, where media exists for the sake of media, feeding people with high-sounding and too-clever opinions, while the whole social and political system stagnates and loses its dynamism.

when there is a media of people like this vir sanghvi, there is a need to have the people constantly thinking bad of their politicians.this is the elite of our country.who want the politicians to slip up, so that they always retain a position of intellectual dominance.the positive side cannot be highlighted as it would be boring and stop the expansion of the purse. they need to continue feeding such negativisms to the middle classes, who lap up everything in an addiction that is necessary to overcome all of its material frustrations. the politician is seen as naturally corrupt and having a easy life. not one of these middle classes will have the gumption to go participate in the politics of the land.they go through life believing that they are toilers and strugglers,while all else are having the easy way out. such bogus thinking is what is at the root of the recession in the united states..

why does this vir sanghvi use the word crook in this article..he feels quite content to egg on the morons of the middle classes, who will gape at this vir sanghvi with awe and pride, as their torchbearer.

this fellow, after spending so many years as a journalist, tells his readers that the people of Tamilnadu are not bothered about corruption in the spectrum scam. and this guy tells his readers that the dalit voters will have no second thoughts about A.Raja even if he is found to be massively corrupt. what this guy is telling is that there are some dalits in Tamil Nadu who will take it bad if A.Raja is found to be corrupt.this is what this tragedy of a journalist thinks about the Indian people after having been a journalist for decades. one can easily now begin to understand the outlook of all the young kids who talk on television.

if India is not doing as well as it could, it is because there are such parasites who need to put food on the table by rubbishing the politics of more long will such crooks be given air time.

the time has come for the people to rid themselves of such wastrels, who have dubious and unwholesome intentions.

another so-called and probably self-proclaimed intellectual reveals that he will never grasp it, never get it...maybe because he will never uplift himself from his destiny of mediocrity..all the years and all the reading and at the end this guy writes this...he reveals that he never will get the very least, he reveals a need to put food on the table by writing what he thinks his audience will lap up...

this is the worst that a human can descend the tv channels...going and thrusting their mikes anywhere and everywhere...and immediately writing headlines that are seen as grabbing attention....never mind that there is a complex issue and democracy that is in the balance...we will go around like a pack of squeaking pigs running everywhere in packs and droves, with thrust mikes..and then we will shout breathlessly and unthinkingly...with the most broadest view point....and we all think we are doing service...

in the telecom issue and surrounding episodes, two people have come out, slowly falling out of the stage, and out of the carefully constructed image of wisdom and eloquence..cometh the hour, the true characters are revealed and the lack of any sort of calibre is ruthlessly exposed.

i suppose it is theoretically possible that vir sanghvi and gnani will realise that there are far complex issues at hand, than can probably be grasped by their limited brains. if they are to redeem themselves, they can attempt to portray the whole picture to their readers, and then, if the food on the table dries up, that is when they will take up the true human challenge of conforming to discipline and dignity...the short cut has corrupted them and they are least aware of it.

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