Saturday, November 13, 2010

the opposition

do they realise that they are playing with the lives of hapless youth, by misleading them and making it appear that some himalayan blunder occurred.

the sad part of the story of jayalalithaa and the bharatiya janata party is they never graduated to a calibre of providing informed and cutting-edge opposition.

these last preserves of the upper class/castes are making their last desperate moves before they leave the stage. at least at this late stage, these upper class/caste dinosaurs must realise that the people always welcome and are receptive to dignified debates, where the whole picture is presented. because, that is in line with the dignity of our people, who have over millennia reached the wisdom of simplicity and reason, they never will act or strut around, as these two parties and their leaders strut around, still proud for something that they never achieved.

the saddest part of the whole sorry spectacle where everyone is so easily led into believing that a dravidian party and a dravidian leader can not have done the best, is the electronic media. has one channel tried to give the other side of the picture. how will they do that, when they have become addicted to, and their audiences have become addicted to believing that they are pure good and and the political system is pure bad.

if this were some more centrally controlled country, the media will be subject to some community work on a weekly basis. go and sweep the streets, or spend some time in some hospital or library etc..

the death wish of the morons of the electronic media began with being too big to be honest.

the indian national congress has to find better ways to running a federal country, better ways of consulting and arriving at reasonable working arrangements, instead of still believing in the ways of the days of yore.

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