Monday, November 15, 2010

after the party and the intoxication

the cag report is to be tabled in parliament today, yet based on the leaked report, the opposition has got the telecom minister to resign on sunday. this is how democracy in India works.

did any body in the media try to give the whole picture of telecom to our people, how will the spineless and craven addicted-to-money media do that...

what they will do is present the opposition's clamour as the right thing...will any one ask for the opposition to adopt sobriety and they will tell that a minister is cornered and refuses to quit...they will tell that the minister is trying to escape...those are the words that will be used for the minister of the government..

why did we become like this...why did we turn into crazed idiots..only time can answer these questions..

this article talks about  nailing the minister but adds the caveat of jacked up spectrum costs possibly depressing economic growth.

good riddance, it says in the headline...

how has our democracy been given a supporting hand...
by the opposition disrupting parliament,asking for a minister's resignation based on a CAG report that has not been scrutinised by the media telling the people that it ensured that the report leaked, that it ensured an interview by a retired telecom secretary...

or by the minister and the party deciding to step down in the face of the concerted targeting by the vested interests, including possibly some in the Indian National Congress. the stepping down is called good riddance.

The editorial in the economic times also tells about inefficient allocation of spectrum...did any media talk about the experience of the countries of the world when they auctioned their spectrum...what was the pressing need for us..was it that mobiles reach everyone...or was it the need to ensure that a few corporates pay high auction amounts to the government and hold things in their tight clutch.

today's rates of docomo for 3g are being touted, without even considering that when was the field pried open..

finally, did any media tell the story of telecom in 99-04,what was the experience.

the democratic experiment in our country will bear the effects of having been cursed with forces such as those represented by today's opposition like the bjp and the aiadmk, which after having wrecked the people and their aspirations for centuries, are now trying their best to wreck the democracy, which they just cannot bear to tolerate.

the subramanian swamys and their mediocrity can never comprehend dynamism of the democratic variety..they need to desperately show that democracy can never they can never get to bringing themselves to be ordinary citizens..they still need to be the ones who stand above the democratic experiment.

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