Thursday, November 11, 2010

Raja refuses to quit says TIMES NOW, also says Raja is adamant and cornered

a bunch of half-baked twenty and thirty year olds say that a minister refuses to quit and tell that a minister is cornered.

this motley circus can be forgiven to be the incorrigible idiots that they are, but if presenting misleading information and providing twisted and partial information can be interpreted as dubious and shady behaviour, then one has to ask for the heads of those responsible, like the editor of the new indian express has put out in his headline.

democracy in our country cannot be allowed to be destroyed by a parasitic crowd that exists by portraying the elected representatives as desperate and cornered. what this type of monkey antic suggests is that the democracy has no hope and no chance, so desperate is the situation that we have to stand the characters on channels like TIMES NOW. who are these people, what have they contributed, that they summon sarcasm and denigrate the workers and the custodians of democracy.

the democratic union of India can disintegrate if motivated and unintelligent information is fed to the people, especially the disconnected folk who are doing well in life. do we need a fattening dimwit to pronounce judgement while perched in a position where more humble people are inclined to take as that of an educated and wise position. the english and electronic media is a sick joke that makes fools of our citizens on a daily basis, while all the time commending itself and organizing conclaves where all the english-speaking elites act out their deep love and lofty ambitions for the country.

the corporatisation of the media is a disease, that p. sainath has been pointing out for long. things are reaching a critical mass, wherein ministers should avoid speaking to any one with a mike. the media has self destructed. the market will not regulate itself, it needs to be kicked into the tracks, every now and then,by the duly elected representatives. the media could have done better but it got addicted to money, funded as it is by money.

if we are to survive as a country, we need better media very soon.

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