Thursday, November 18, 2010

the fools of our electronic media

a motley crowd that indulges in wild guesses and outlandish is exactly like if a bunch of sophomores were granted full access to the parliamentary processes, of which there is no chance for this motley crowd to comprehend, and they are still running riot all over the place, like a bunch of monkeys.

a proudest monkey was revealed today to be rajdeep sardesai, who takes a letter written by a minister to the prime minister and interprets that to be arm twisting. this senior among the motley sophomores and his channel tell the prime minister succumbed to the arm will this motley bunch of ineligible sophomores begin to understand that the prime minister was raising doubts, but the competent and the ready-to-act-and-not-dither minister's strong backing of his decisions was in turn backed by the prime minister.

what we are seeing these days is that the folks in delhi know best and that the folks in the rest of the country do not know as well, as was stated by the journalistic tragedy vir sanghvi.

there is absolutely nothing in this whole hullaballoo of spectrum, where characters like jayalalithaa, subramanian swamy have got seats in the studios of our television channels, who just do not realise that if they present a one-sided picture, then they are slowly sinking into quicksand.

first-come-first-served enables those wanting to get into telecom to stake their claims,  and then get appropriate partners, so that ultimately all the operators will be competing to generate revenues and stay profitable, even as the consumer is given newer options and lower prices by newer operators.

a very important part of our economic revolution is the movement of labour all over the country, from the north to bangalore and chennai and from the south to mumbai, delhi.

those who have seen these twenty and thirty year olds on the trains of our country and on the construction sites and development projects, working and earning good respectable salaries, would have noticed the eagerness with which they use their mobile phones, recharging and checking out all the new simcards and offers, with great enthusiasm and interest. these people were not separated from their families back home, like in the old days, they were almost talking to each other throughout each day..the backbone of our progress through the worldwide recession could be said to be the telecom revolution that grabbed the people all over the country and gave them the sense of being connected even while working in the far corners of the land.

when uninor came out with 29 paise per minute, that was a pivotal point in the rates scenario, slowly 60 paise per minute gave way to 25 paise per minute with A RAJA  said in his moment of destiny, and in the moment of distress for all those who know the people and their joys and sorrows, he presided over the telecom revolution.

the same uninor is being asked questions, and is being stated as an ineligible for the grant of is it ineligible, are their services not up to quality, are uninor subscribers not able to talk properly..

i got a videocon card last month, with the offer of one hour free talk time each day, half an hour to videocon numbers and half an hour to other numbers, videocon is also among the s0-called ineligible licensees.

left to themselves, these folks in delhi would have been talking in GoM and EGoM and would have never achieved the dynamism that exists today, where A RAJA  points out that we have the lowest rates in the world.

that is an incentive for people to move around, even those with no capital or a minimum amount in the pocket, will go out with his/her mobile phone and be connected, will be aware of opportunities everywhere...the whole dynamism of our economy hinges and revolves around the mobile phone that is handled by the most humble and the highest in the land, all speaking and empowered and connected.

prashant bhushan and subramanian swamy will never understand these things, they are mediocrities who will argue endlessly about the technicalities, never ever aware about the big picture and the real joys of the people, who works in chennai, and talks to his farmer parents in Orissa, who are comforted by the mobile phone...a generation of our people got to benefit from the mobile phone, because the party of the people, the DMK,  managed the telecom ministry.

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