Wednesday, November 17, 2010

sticking scrupulously to procedure

will be done by the meek and the out-of-touch, who will be afraid to take the decisions at the right time.

this article talks about procedure, as do so many other so-called intelligent intellectuals.

can any of these clever and wise intellectuals talk of procedure versus outcome.

what will result when procedure is the supreme guiding will result in files going round and round, until finally the decision is taken by someone, who will be a person with his roots firmly among the people, as he will realise the need to speed up things.

those with no touch to the people and no inclination or ability to change or address the people's problems will cite procedure as the supreme defense, as if that is the most important thing in the world.

if procedure and method is to be rigorously observed, all of us would be listening to classical carnatic music in our homes, as it is beautifully procedured and linked to all the classical rules...such a people would ever have realized the joys of the dynamic music that is created when the people themselves begin creating the music. the new music also has its rules and boundaries, sometimes there might be a little innovation by experimenting, which might even be condemned by the critics...unless what is thrown up is cacophony, the critic will learn to appreciate that innovation is not to be frowned upon.

those who talk about A.Raja not heeding to the letters of the finance and law ministries are those who are fearful that mediocrity might be revealed to be useless. the minister is the minister and he takes decisions as he sees fit.

when a father sells a property, and if the son starts wanting to file cases against the father, twenty years later, that the father committed a criminal act by selling it for a pittance, the son forgets that he grew up with the proceeds of the sale, which just cannot be compared with today's prices. the father had to take the decision at the time, if he had decided to consult everyone, he would have never sold the property and the son would never have received the benefits when he needed it the most.

if such a son could be called ungrateful, then that is the exact word to describe all in our media, who do not realise, that they are the ones who have to give the public an informed and well-thought out analysis.

Any person on the street can dish out opinions such as are being put out on our television channels these days. only when they adopt sobriety and wisdom, will there be a wholesome environment, that could address any real misdemeanour.

the present situation in our country is that the critics themselves are creating a cacophony, upset at not being in the prime position of yore.

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