Thursday, November 18, 2010

the disease

when one watches the overhead shot of the ants of the opposition turning around and beginning to leave, just after the speaker adjourns the house, it is a reflection of the centuries of dominance enjoyed by certain forces, who stifled the normal development of the people, by touting some texts which had all the answers and which had everything worked out.

mr maitreyan of the aiadmk tells about the startling revelation of the dmk arm twisting the is clear that these personalities of the opposition, are in a unsaid alliance with the electronic media, where the electronic media gets to shout excitedly in the evening to the people, and the opposition takes the baton up in the morning. long live our media and long live our opposition.

these are all done in the gaps between the workings and the observations of the courts and the parliament. in the nooks and crannies of the gaps between the workings of  the people's democracy, the electronic media and the opposition do their bit, their all, and try to mislead and misrepresent the issues.

arun jaitley is making it appear as if an alliance partner is an interloper and  will not have opinions. the ally cannot have it in them to possess the right approach, if the prime minister accepts the particular minister's argument, arun jaitley is calling it abdication.

such characters are totally antithetical to the way our civilisation has evolved over the millennia. now, when we are beginning to shake the cobwebs and the ailments that gripped us in the last millennia, the forces who were benefiting from those man-made ailments are making their last stand,  even now leading the people astray by giving them halftruths and quarter histories, fantastic mythmaking and absolute falsehood. let us slowly and steadily prepare for their exit. these forces can even now change their ways.

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