Saturday, November 20, 2010

suhel seth

when someone thinks that he/she can be brash, the most obvious thing that stares one is that that person wants publicity and needs to be in the limelight. we do not need such un-indian brashness to be hectoring us, even if that is a proven method from the west. there has to be a respect for the leaders of our country, when some one like suhel seth takes names and feels he is a messiah of the country, he is leading the tv-watching masses into a state of limbo. why is he there in the tv studio, only ndtv can explain, it means that either the tv-watching folk want such a character, which assures them that they are the good folk watching the bad folk being the whites in south US were invited for public lynchings...OR ndtv must be thinking that the show will be spiced up by such a character, never realising that the character is giving out a verdict on the leaders of our country, when he has no idea about how country is structured and built, on the foundations of common sense and morality. we do not need the comparisons of war-mongering americas madoff and our own raju, as was provided by the national shame subramanian swamy.

the character flaw in subramanian swamy that played itself out on The Big Fight on NDTV, should be a warning at least now for those who belong to his tribe, that acting and pretending to be the clever one is going to run out of road very soon. the precipice is near for those who pretend to be a cut above, the foremost representative of this tribe, subramanian swamy, is playing out his game out there in the limelight, trying to damage the strengthening of federalism, by telling the tv-watching masses that the dmk was pampered, imputing that the dmk and the regional parties can not belong in a ruling coalition at the centre, as was also imputed by the journalistic tragedy vir sanghvi.

the too-clever and too-good tribe of subramanian swamy, and the vir sanghvis, are in a hurry to brand the regional parties with a tinge, they are weakening the country by herding the people into a state of urgency, not informing the people about the happenings, and readying the people for a court case that will decide what is right and what is wrong, after weighing the case on its merits.

the shame of our country and the shame of our people, subramanian swamy, he nailed the final nail on his own coffin, by talking about ram sethu, has revealed that he will impute corruption, and pronounce verdict, all on prime time, to the people who watch the television does one handle such a wasted human being, by realising that he and his tribe is an outsider, which did not settle down among the people, after possibly four millennia, and is still misleading the people...surely, nature's response is going to befall this thoroughly undeserving tribe...time will tell whether this guy is possibly the last of his tribe to indulge in the acts of inhuman greed and criminality. at least now, the people should realise that the so-called religion of this tribe, which should be labeled brahminism, and not confused with our natural saivism, into which it cancered into,is totally alien to our land and our never did good, it never will do good. it just breeds difference and greed.

when manish tiwari tells that the bjp is the epitomy of immorality, i do not know whether he realises the deep truth that is there in that description.

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