Monday, October 25, 2010

would everyone in the positions of the rajapakses be behaving like this

been doing this with sincerity, let the joke continue, because the sinhalese think that the people of the world are stupid.
the sinhalese people are being taken for a ride, by this wishfulness. the reality is being taken away, instead of being faced and resolved. what this method of the sinhalese government warrants, if it is to succeed, is annihilation. only then will the strategy succeed. and we can only feel the anger, it is a lesson, this is what leads to when there is no unity, the texts that counsel unity have to be looked up, or fashioned if need be.

as long as it lasts, the sinhalese government wants to continue living it up.
we have to separate the sinhalese people from this government of people who were not destined to possess wisdom. the sinhalese people will be the neighbours of eelam, and both peoples will live and move amongst each other. what is a pity is that there does not seem to be even among the tamils, a leader who will unite. the transnational government has to do its part, but the politicians on the ground will have to rise to the occasion.

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