Tuesday, October 19, 2010

the complexed and the contrived chinese step onto the world stage

how do they do it, by allying and colluding with a sinhala regime that thinks the world is populated by capitalist addicts of power, wealth and avarice. that might be the situation in the world where everyone is neatly behind this or that god or godman, and diseased with the lack of the alliance with nature, culture and language. the so-called liberals labour under an illusion of elitism and artificialism or atleast with a feeling of  insignificance.

a country with everything going for it, and a stable one-party structure, cannot fathom a confidence or a dignity, but behaves with a jingoism and a necessity for projecting a brute image. China is an ancient civilisation just like ours, it had bad experiences with colonialism and foreign occupation, not very unlike what we experienced. while we behave with dignity that distinguishes us for our heritage and antiquity, though we do not have any great power, the behavior of the chinese is much like a new bloke in town, a rootless wanderer, who lives just for the moment. maybe, there is something wrong within China that makes them want to collude with the land thieves of the so-called sri lanka. are the chinese so desperate to maintain their wealth that they want to ally with thieves.

one of these sinhalese ministers says that the ground realities have changed in Sri lanka. the minister is sought to be shown as an intellectual by the hindu newspaper which tells that he is a double graduate or rhodes scholar or something like that. however the spin might be imparted, this is the language of a thief who is revelling in new-found wealth and power, that the thief himself never expected would come his way. and who does the thief have as his partner, an ancient and cultural great land that had itself survived the onslaught of those that surrounded it, before having achieved a stability and a success in the last fifty years.

what does the rhodes scholar mean by "the ground realities have changed in Sri Lanka". only his chinese counterparts can attempt to explain.


why do the chinese need to behave as if they fear India, by going around and spreading instability in Sri Lanka, Paistan, Burma. Do the Chinese think that they are helping these countries by courting them. these countries are being lulled into folly by the interactions of the chinese. what do all the experiences of the chinese, from the long march, count for today, when they have stepped onto the home stretch. they project a complexed and contrived image. maybe, the one-party system has enormous pressures among the various individual claimants, who need the projection of the tough war-mongering image to cover up their stresses.

what the chinese communist party needs to inform its members is that the world wants them to succeed, and that they have everything going for them, and that pressures for positions are normal, and have to be acknowledged in the open. they are also humans, and not some robotic extra terrestrials. an openness of the party will only be possible with the confidence that their system is unique but will have shortcomings, but the greatest treasure that they hold is their culture and civilisation. they should not be helping land thieves and helping annihilate cultures. the cia and the american warlords of capitalism have revealed that every country can succeed only if it caters to its people, with the facilities at hand and available.

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