Monday, October 25, 2010

arundhati roy

she has to be commended for going to the other extreme and exploring the ground out there. we do not need the pretenders of the bjp anymore. they are a group of people, who do not have it in them to think and work. the robot-like reactions of ravi shankar prasad, arun jaitley, sushma swaraj etc....turn the key, and these characters will begin their toy-like clicking and clacking. in tamilnadu, we have the equivalent jayalalithaa, who just knows one mode, the turn the key and you get to see it mode....why did we allow such characters to waste our time and lives.

arundhati roy will grasp issues in the way that they can be resolved, not like the folks that have gravitated to the bjp...also, the communists of our country, the mummies should learn from arundhati roy how to catch the bull by its horns. we do not need to watch dishonest dramatic speeches of sushma swaraj, the urban indian has come to the political limelight...not the fake upper class pretentious wannabe class preservists of the bjp, not the intellectual rambling leftists, who never know how to tread new ground. we have the new indian who does not waste time in arundhati roy....... there can be a constructive way....only if there are some others in kashmir who can rally behind omar abdullah in the hard and real politics..not hiding on the coattails of some jobless group in pakistan.

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