Wednesday, October 6, 2010

first of all they have to understand india, indian society

this is what ram madhav of the rss said in reponse to rahul gandhi stating the fact, that the rss and simi are one and the same, fundamentalist simplistic  unstuck groupings, membership of which, is comparable to slow suffocating death.

who are the members of these organisations.
they are those among us who have not understood india, indian society.

having a membership that does not understand india, indian society, and then turning around and asking others to understand india, indian society, reveals the extent to which ram madhav has slowly and steadily lost it, how ram madhav wasted his life and why even now it is not too late for him to understand that fantasy is for children, not for serious grown ups.

any one who knows india, indian society will know how we lived and live, as simple people allied with nature, and having an inclination to justice and fair play, never getting entangled in grandeur, never inclined to posturing, and never able to pretend to be something other than the simple farming and engaging people who can never look at a newcomer with anything but curiosity.

Then, there came amongst us a group with some texts called the vedas, and confounded us, and twisted our simplicity into actually beginning to believe that some among us are exalted and others are not so.

the tragedy of ram madhav and other members of the rss who have lost all connections to their roots and are labouring away in the clutches and in the cause of a fringe wasted people and their texts, is something that only god can address.

someone has to save ram madhav,narendra modi and the rest of the members of the rss, as also someone has to save any body who still has membership of the simi.

narendra modi has destroyed himself and all that his ancestors had earned by way of a legacy. ram madhav, though his organization will fade away, at least has a personal need to free himself from the agony of a fantasy that turns everything upside down.

first of all, ram madhav must understand india, indian society.

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