Sunday, October 3, 2010

the human being

there is an attachment to certain places in a way that can be called zoom-in and lock. the mind goes and locks in to these places and then emotions and passions get inflamed.

if a temple or a mosque or a synagogue are built a little away or more far away, what will happen. a fear that  entertaining or allowing a slightest doubt about the closely held beliefs will spiral into a breadown of the religiously developed structure takes over.

the judgement for the ayodhya land can be used as showing the way forward for the resolution of Jerusalem.

but, surely not in the way that a judge like sharma has attempted to justify the birthplace of rama. the judge reveals that he lacks calibre, in the way that he attempts to justify his thinking. the ones without calibre seem to be the ones who want to believe that they are special. this answer should be obvious to humanity. those who have nothing to show by way of achievements are in that position because they could not attempt to live and work lie te rest. those who wor and build are the ones who gain dignity. those who begin thinking that some crafting of an idea will substitute hard work and real progress, are always left behind, and try to retrieve the lost ground by all kinds of manoeuvring. our judge sharma has spoen that that is the place where rama was born. our chief minister has asked about why we are not able to locate similar places for our achieving king raja raja. raja raja chozhan is not a deity, but rama is a deity. sharma shows that he is not a good judge. our chief minister has shown how one has to strive for the truth and err on the side of truth.

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