Sunday, November 7, 2010


while everyone wants the united states to allow the dispute between us and Pakistan to be settled between ourselves, there was a clamour and disappointment among all the experts about why Obama did not refer to Pakistan. what it shows is that we have deeply disconnected and undistinguished experts, while the bjp spokesperson is not an expert, he revealed that that party of simpletons and fringe pranksters was dealt a passing reference, a cursory dismissal, by Obama's reference to the taking of the life of the mahatma. the jesters of the sangh parivar realised that they had become insignificant, realised that the world had seen through their jest, and the serious charge of the assasination of Gandhi is the most monumental achievement of fringe jesters of the sangh parivar. they proved that they are not indian through that act, and now ,after progressing to some respectability, have been reminded that they are capable of jest or atrociousness, nothing in between.
all of our experts were baffled at Obama's non-reference to Pakistan. they are surely not experts, as p sainath has been saying about those who feel good about our arrival on the global stage. these experts have shown themselves to be disconnected from the ways of the world. i wish i had been able to listen to mani shankar's thoughts on the issue.

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