Friday, September 17, 2010

such a violent organisation,says BBC


did they summarily execute innocent citizens and non-combatants.

when in war, those having planes bomb the enemy territory. those not having planes will send human bombs.

who was intractable.

terror organisation---what is a terror organisation and why should it be banned---is there an apprehension that the organisation would disrupt the peace and shatter the peace in the territory that is seeking to ban the terror organisation?

did Canada and the United States apprehend that the LTTE would disrupt the peace and shatter the peace in their territories.

what are the united States and Canada doing in Afghanistan and Iraq? Are they not disrupting the peace and shattering the peace in Afghanistan and Iraq? Hence, Afghanistan and Iraq will be perfectly right if they label the United States and Canada as terror organisations.

the harmless tamils were labeled as terrorists by Canada and the United States. Sometime in the future, they will realise that there is no need to aid the theft of land in the name of stability. If they want stability while aiding theft, that cannot be stability.

The sinhalese were for a long time in a state of inability to develop a leadership that would walk the wise way, their culture probably did not allow a simplicity and a practicality, that allows conflict resolution. what is not theirs cannot be theirs. that is the end of the issue. those who want to live in big collective nations must develop systems that embraces and envelops. they cannot live collectively by stifling others and aiding theft. If the sinhalese cannot set up a genuine solution for a genuine situation of two-peoples, how will nature address the issue.

the addressing begins by taking the sinhalese to victory, arrogance and hubris, and then automatically, there will be the reasonable solution.

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