Wednesday, September 8, 2010

why did they not learn simplicity and humility and gratitude

one person called rama talks about timeless dharmic culture.

 also, rama tells,"The Tamilsl have lost all sense of shame. They are at the bottom of moral degradation and degeneration that they will sell their mothers for money. How else you can explain the continious support this amoral, corrupt DMK enjoy from this crowd."

i hope that this person rama does not live in Tamilnadu, as that would be very bad for rama, revealing his ingratitude for the land that cradles him.

on the other hand, if he lives here, it is a lesson for all the marathi manoos who hounded someone because he said something about Shivaji and who go out and hit fellow humans and people from neighbouring areas. Though it is wrong for anyone to talk like this rama does, the answer is to consistently reply and make clear that the talker is not qualified to talk.

here in Tamilnadu, we have all the poisonous talk of the brahmins, who are fearful that no one is buying their religion anymore. no one is targeting them or their religion or their way of life. all that the people are telling is enough is enough. we allowed the least-qualified and the least-edifying brahmins to peddle their least-uplifting wares to us, in our spirit of overwhelming simplicity. NOW,  when this least-grateful and least-related-to-human-striving crowd gets paranoid and vicious, it is placing itself up for all to see.

some of the writers of this website might be living today in cosmopolitan anonymity of bangalore, mumbai , delhi. some of them are in even more cosmopolitan obscurity of the united states.

they will have to keep moving and roaming.

one day, they will realise that they lived in peace in near-heaven in Tamilnadu, but, had to move out, not pushed out, but moved out, because they could not bring themselves to live like the rest of the inhabitants, who place wisdom, honour and discipline at the top of the guiding values. the rest of the people did not need a monkey-god, nor did they need a chanting of mantras, nor did they need lies and fantasy. they did not need to believe themselves to be special and divinely ordained. that is totally alien to their simplicity.their senses and mind told them, tells them and will tell them that truth only will triumph.

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