Friday, September 17, 2010

how the kashmiris mock, deride and humiliate the palestinians

the kashmiris felt a political disenchantment and took to the gun.
after the point was made, the state returned to normality in 2005.
during the time that some kashmiris felt that they had more to gain from receiving weapons from across the border, they chased out of kashmir the pandits.
then, one of them takes over power, mufti mohammed sayeed, ghulam nabi azad, omar abdullah.

now, some kashmiris, who are empowered democratically, have their own as their leaders and rulers, have special rights over their territory, have not made any attempt to invite back the pandits that were driven out, now, these some kashmiris have taken to believing that they are like the palestinians, and will try to act like they and the palestinians are the same.

the palestinians have lost their land, their lives and are living in refugee camps, and are waging a valiant struggle against an overwhelmingly equipped agressor.

now, we have some kashmiris who feel that they are also in a situation akin to the palestinians.

there are a few kashmiris out there, who despite having everything available, power, special status, right to form political parties, driven out those whom they don't like...if these few kashmiris want to mislead their youth into throwing stones and behaving aimlessly, what it means is that these few kashmiris lke geelani and andrabi are cruel jokes on those that are under their influence, and have never and will never realise what islam is all about. these people did not probably deserve islam. they never are capable to step up and lead, build and create, engage and think.

why do the kashmiris need to be hostage to such worthless and tactless people.

and then, there is the media in our country, which talks about kashmir burning, characters called aditya sinha etc, who earn their daily food by talking about things that they have the least capacity to handle. these media take this to be a chance to act and pretend to be wise.

why cant the kashmiris form a political party that addresses all their issues, why cannot these issues be taken to the national conference, why do the youth need to be taken for a ride?

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