Wednesday, September 1, 2010

the cowards

benjamin netanyahu spoke with the least shame about "defeating these terrorists."

the modern era of the world, where people in all corners of the world network with each other through the internet, has redefined the pursuit of war. because of the good things on offer and the good life, certain entities have elected to exist in a state of cawardice. they camouflage the fight for land between two forces, as between one group that is linked to commerce getting labeled as the official state, and another group that is labeled as terrorist and to be stifled and robbed of legitimacy.

this is what we have evolved into, where due to our need for the good life, we enforce our power onto disputes between other parties. we find out that group which is suitably status quo and the other is conveniently labeled terrorist.

will such a good life be sustainable.
either the two parties should be allowed to fight to a resolution, or arrive at a negotiated resolution, which any parties anywhere will end up doing.

the so called second world war which began due to one force's pursuit of land paralleled by a discovery of hatred against the jews, has led to a mechanism where there is no consistency, sometimes there is a resolution and sometimes there is a feigned ignorance. sometimes there is intervention and sometimes there is nonchalance. sometimes there is anger and sometimes there is a stare-right-through. sometimes there is activism and sometimes there is a choreographed turnaround.

either there is war or there is peace. if there needs to be peace, then all rightful and justifiable causes must be addressed and resolved with truth. more states in the world will not mean more instability.

ten universal truths must be established, which no noe should be allowed to break. if any universal truth is broken, the rest must get together and do something that can deter others.

there should not be any attack on any minority.
no minority should attempt to import a way of life into the area that it inhabits.
there should not be any attempt to use media to spread religion. religion must only be spread by wandering ministrels.
there should not be any holding to ransom.
there shall be no thinking for others.
there shall be no many against one attacks.
there shall be no more messiahs. if there needs to be a messiah,he/she can pretend not to be one and still do his/her work.
and so on...

the cowards such as the sinhalese and the israelis, who pretend that there is no dispute and no war and only illegitimacy of the opposition, seem to be happy with what they have in hand at present. their religions seem to give them the conviction that the opposition does not have a case.

you either fight or you make peace. there is no in easy lording and no permanent peace without justice.keep what is yours and give back what is others. as much as possible.keep your forces ready if you anticipate aggression. do not strive to win by trying to keep the opposition disarmed. the recoil will be very nasty.

if there is no justice for india's case for kashmir, then kashmir will be independent. is there a case for kashmir to be independent?no one has made out the case. those who are at the forefront right now are no different from those who enacted the serial blasts in lahore today. they have lost their kilter.

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