Tuesday, September 7, 2010

who are the brahmins, why do they oppose the DMK

the brahmins tell everyone about the dangers posed by the christian and islamic ideologies and missionaries. they point out the flaws and the discrepancies of these two religions very eagerly and sincerely.

but, when someone turns the spotlight onto them, the brahmins get all convulsive and over-heated and over-agitated, much more than ever by any christian or muslim fanatic.
of course, not every brahmin is prone to such a discomfort when under the spotlight. just like not every christian and not every muslim is a foolish fanatic, not every brahmin is a foolish fanatic. but those brahmins who are foolish fanatics, do their community the worst kind of damage, much more than a christian or a muslim fanatic does to their communities.

that is because the brahmin fanatic is not attempting, unlike the chrisitan and the muslim fanatic, to propagate his cause.
the brahmin fanatic believes that he is only trying to retrieve the situation, that is, he is only trying to save/prevent everyone who was already under the brahmin fold, from being influenced by the chrisitan and islamic religions.

the brahmin fanatic does not realise that he is also one among the peddlers, to the tamil people, of a method, of a suposedly divinely ordained way of life. the tamil people had given the brahmin's method some ocnsideration and some leeway in the past. especially, some sections of the landed and the rich were eager to adopt the mumbo jumbo of the brahmin, as it gave them a required elevation from the toilers and the workers.

but, the brahmin fanatic wants to believe that he is actually working for the cause of all, not for his community, and attempts to believe that he talks on behalf of all.

this is travesty at its worst.

these brahmin fanatics, http://www.tamilhindu.com/

will realise someday that while they work away from the comforts of their well-paid jobs, and while they live in the comfort zone that Taminnadu is, this is what their actions are leading to.


these brahmin fanatics would like to see such action in Tamilnadu too. the sober among the brahmins, who could be a majority, have realised that their religion would do well to be kept to theirselves, if it gives them the required help to live a god life. to arrogantly and foolishly believe that their religion is the best and has divine sanction, reduces the brahmins to the fanaticism among certain chrisitans and muslims, and will mark them out as dangerous to the tamils, in spite of having lived here for as long as they have done.

the brahmins will be saved from ignominy if they shed the company of the likes of vaidyanatha iyer, subramanian swamy, cho ramaswamy, jayalalithaa etc.

in the secular land of Tamilnadu, everyone will be respected and will thrive, this is the land of human achievement and human striving, not the land of divine ordination. those that try to bring in a divine ordainment will be slowly identified by human intelligence, as having not lived up to the level of human simplicity, and will only find themselves to be fishes out of water. then, they will start their search again, roaming and wandering, to nowhere. maybe, it will be good for them. as simplicity and hard work do not seem to fulfill their restless souls.

while here, we call the whole world as ours and all the people of the world as one and the same, the brahmins tried to exclucivize and inclucivize. even that grave act of self-centredness is realises as being one of self-sustainment and is not portrayed as a crime, even though thousands have suffered. in spite of this magnanimity of the secular land of Tamilnadu, if some continue with their missionary zeal of spreading trash, even though we are still able to call them as foolish kid-like zealots, there will be a limit, even to the greatness of nature.

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