Friday, August 27, 2010

the brahmins and the jews

these are the two groups which are the most possessive about their ways of life and the texts that they possess.
these texts cater to the worst impulses of man, the urge to hoard wealth.
these texts are written to guide the readers towards wealth and prosperity, towards the zenith of a satisfying experience, least concerned about the rest and even scornful of the rest.

wherever man has shown inclination to be possessive and greedy, these texts make their way, and cast an iron grip on the targets. the targets are beholden to the holders of the texts, never ever able to think out of the books, and slowly all that is around them is contrived to fit into the writings in the books.

it will become evident that these texts are satanic, in that they corrupt the free mind and induce strife and greed.

the holders of these texts, did not have the capacity or the calibre to struggle against the odds. they did not want to work the earth and wait for the fruit of labour.they kept roaming and came up with the mantras and the spells, which they thought would get them their due.

finally, the jews realised that they can use their money to buy them a piece of the land that had thrown them out. the brahmins are now working on a similar model, having once been beaten by the common folk, just as they thought that they were tightening their grip. the traders who are addicted to money, and cannot think of parting with it, are the new sources of the funding for the brahmins. the traders feel that they can buy a freeze of the present by attaining the order that will come when everyone is kept in their places, never to move upward.

the common enemy of both of these groups is the muslim, who has a text that is equipped to beat all the machinations of the greedy capitalist. the koran is the counter weapon of nature against the vice-like grip of the capitalist trader, who covets everything, and wants stability to continue enjoying the fruits of his enterprise. the best ally in the quest for the stability is the text that mixes some theses on the creation of the world, with the wordly pursuits of prosperity and wealth.

slowly and steadily, the brahmin and the jew have begun to believe their myth, their fable, and are now ready to believe that their text and their money must and should be used to buy their position for themselves.

while the brahmin was upstaged by periyar and ambedkar, the jew continues to use the money to buy the abode. the brahmin is attempting a comeback, against the odds, as the masses are stirring, whereas the jew, is in a contest with time, and deploys injustice to fight the unjustly won land. it is a matter of time, before the jew runs out of materials, and the raw reality of nature asserts itself and truth will triumph.

at the same time, another  counter weapon of nature, buddhism, is turning itself upside down, in sri lanka, where it is revealing , that even buddhism can be turned into a weapon of subjugation.

the practitioners of jihad and the practitioners of buddhist fundamentalism, are revealing, that no matter howsover the loftiness of the prerogative, at some time, all religions are used by its practitioners to gain the upper hand. buddhism and islam were and are counter weapons, not offensive weapons, to be used against the opponents.

the only place that did not have an organised religion was Tamilnadu, where the brahmins could not penetrate fully, into where the muslims could not bring their fight against the brahmins fully.

here too, the brahmins have spread their myths, over the last millennium, that the people have bought into it, even as they hold on to their alliance with nature, that is labelled as saivism. the vehemence of the foolish brahmin, who actually believes that he is special, is to be seen to be believed in Tamilnadu. while most of the brahmins are living with discipline and dignity, there are those among them who still want to get the lost mantle.

the hold of the satan, is being loosened slowly and by the use of the pen in TamilNadu, and in Eelam, which must be a lesson to all those who want to fight against the capitalist intentions, not the endeavour, not the enterprise, not the enthusiasm to work and build and develop, but the capitalist intention that wants to get everything without doing anything. that is the virus that the world has to vanquish, the addiction to power and wealth. the people who can live with the world and never exult too much when they prosper and never get despondent when their wealth diminishes, are the ones that this world needs, in the game of life, with all its ups and downs, twists and turns, joys and surprises.

the urge to buy permanent prosperity is the evil that has to be vanquished. the urge has eaten into buddhism, the urge to have overwhelming control has eaten into islam. the dravidian land still shows the way, inspite of having partaken of the slow death of the vaishnavite ideology.

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