Sunday, August 22, 2010

the minority

in the world, there are various places where religious and linguistic minorities live, in some places they have problems and in some places they have no problems.

in the united states, they fought for their rights and have attained them. in europe, they live without any problems. in pakistan, they have had problems.

in Tamil nadu, they behave with malice and venom. the brahmins have their media and their mouthpieces, though most of the brahmins can be said to be simple folk, those of them who are active in the media and the social sphere, behave with a haughtiness and an arrogance, that can be a revelation for the peoples of this world. they even once prohibited the learning of the language of the majority, the language of the land where they get their daily food from, such a behaviour is called apartheid when it is practiced in south africa. in Tamil Nadu, the shameless brahmin who is active in the social sphere goes about his work without any interruption. the raj thackerays and all right wing supremacists of the world must be forced to look at this and learn, the lesson that any minority that engages in folly will ultimately trip on itself and fall down. the raj thackerays and other right wing supremacists of the world, will realise that they are acting like idiots, by raking up issues against defenseless minorities, and will only end up doing their cultures and causes harm. here, where we witness the most vicious form of folly and treachery, the most sick behaviour of human beings, minority or not, we always fight back with straightforward replies, to the most incredibly diabolic behavior, cloaked though it is in the garb of religion. we live with the vilest sickness, and yet we are unruffled, not ruffled to lose our dignity. we listen to all that this vile group of ungrateful wretched parasites dish out, and we just point out that they are wrong. we do not allow our greatness to diminish by even giving the smallest chance for mindless anger to surface. where the minorities are targeted by demagogues, one can be sure that the majority has turned into a vile group of wretched beings. but here, we live and let live. we know that this minority here is a poor lot, that can never bring itself to live with the knowledge that it is not anything special. we allow this poor lot to fool about, but not without pointing out wherever it is flawed. why does such a sickness have to afflict this minority, only god can explain. after all, all of us are humans.

if one group has roamed all over the world, without any mooring, why did that group have to go through that destiny. why did the jews and the brahmins have to roam all over, they probably got something good for all their travels. at the end, if they realised that they do not have a place to call their own, they should have attempted to settle down where there were no others, and worked hard to build their civilisation. without working hard, these two groups have wreaked havoc, with their complexes, among all those who were simple and hard working.

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