Sunday, August 22, 2010


why did they never assimilate, howsover they may have been different, surely they should have assimilated by now. we see every other group having become assimilated, we see north indians as our own, as they speak our language like ourselves, having been brought up here, we see various other people all going about their lives with simplicity and honesty, as the tamils who live elsewhere do, as the various other people who have migrated within our country do. why then does one particular group behave like this, not realising that it is setting itself up, for all to see, " see we are the ones that never assimilated, we are the different ones, we want the bjp."

why does this happen, because this group is hopelessly addicted to some writings that its ancestors wrote, when those ancestors felt hopeless, in their hopelessness of the past, they were forced to come up with some thing that gave them hope. finally, those writings were used to make man subjugate man, make man punish man. do these people ever repent for all the crimes that their texts have inflicted upon the people, the people who gave them space to settle down.

one person called snkm tells that the people are turned into beggars and their own money is being given to them as freebies. the people will never understand, this person says.

why did it happen that the people never realise and only snkm realises.

r sridharan says lets there be change here also like in karnataka. the minority wants a party that it thinks will be favorable to its cause, but does this minority think about what the effect it will have on the majority. the shameful desire for its own to rule, marks this group as a minority that will never learn to live among the people. sridharan also talks about the ideal rule of janaka maharaja, who is sridharan that he has to go looking for janaka maharaja. sridharan should reflect why he thinks that the bjp has good chances in south chennai and not in north chennai. are the people of north chennai not aware of janaka maharaja. maybe he should proselytize more over there.

smitha says that the dmk works only for the welfare of the minorities. poor smitha and her co travellers,who are these people, who have turned into such states of illogic.

vedamgopal calls himself a tamilian, he tells that one person told him that he will buy rice for one kg and if he feels bored he will watch tv, and that if he falls sick because he does not work  he will run to the doctor to get the insured treatment. and he goes on, and then finally , he calls his outpourings that of a troubled tamil. this being called vedam gopal, considering himself tamil, also has to be taken in our stride. this being, that does not know about the tamils and their qualities, can and will be forgiven, because it is a sad minority that is frustrated as its devious hold is being slowly pryed open.

roaming roman tells that there is no money to pay for educational loans, but there is money for classical language conference.

tanjai gopalan tells that the darkness will give way, ligt will be born, let us stay with hope.

babu does not realise that the thieves are a minority group who like to believe themselves as hindus, the people are not thieves, one group has earned the label of thieves, and this group thinks that the label belongs to all the people. the label is for the thieving minority group.

babu also tells that the people think that let whoever be affected anyway, as long as we get our money to vote. this, babu, thinks is what the people think. babu tells further that the dravidian parties are noxious viruses that have to be destroyed. this guy tells next that we the tamil people should decide about the tamil new year. can pity be enough, for such a deluded human being, who assumes that his foolishness is the foolishness of all the people.

why do these people need to collectively turn themselves into selfdestruct mode. why do they have to work themselves into this frenzy of hysteria. is anyone targeting their culture and way of life. no. they have never faced any trouble and will never face any trouble.

if the majority want to disentangle themselves from the warped thoughts and well spun yarns of the newcomer, having given the newcomer enough time and space, in the spirit of hospitality, to the extent that the newcomer actually began to believe that his audience had bought his well spun yarn, if the majority are saying, ok, thats enough, we now want to disentangle, we have to get back to our lives, why does the story teller scream. has not the story teller  already wreaked enough destruction, when he had the audience in his grip. if the people tell, ok, ok, you can also live amongst us, as we are not too proud to claim special descent, you too can live amongst us and work like us, and develop according to your work, as we think all of us are one, does not the issue end there.

if this story teller is not able to live with the knowledge that his story was not bought, that the people were only too generous when they nodded acceptance earlier, if the storyteller feels aggrieved, then the storyteller has to atleast seek refuge in his own story and find some solace. instead of wishing for his fellow storytellers from up north to come and attempt the story telling again. is that not ingratitude, wanting to spell bindthe people again with the story. it is foolishness atleast, as the people will turn restive and will only want to put an end to such storytelling, that disrupts their train of thought, the endeavour to strive for the best that is possible, by the application of the body and mind that has gifted to us by creation.

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