Friday, August 20, 2010

tamilnet and sankathi

while tamilnet tells that kalaignar was more preoccupied with jayalalithaa, sankathi reminds karti chidambaram that he has not yet grown up to grasp the realities.

while sankathi's point to karthi is perfectly to the point, the tamilnet reference to kalaignar reveals a frame of mind that is unmindful of the basic sense of balance and clarity. if a perceived grievance against the dmk is allowed to be emitted on tamilnet, then, the site loses its value and weight. it becomes viewed as a nowhere game and amateurish nonsense. the end was scripted by destiny, not by the dmk. the end was tragedy, but from there will the tide reverse against the foolish buddhist fundmentalist, who steals the land of others, like the foolish jewish fundamentalist, and then is also proud, about having stolen. the buddhist fundamentalist and the jewish fundamentalist do not realise that they have gone against the divine balance in nature, the balance that is at the heart of creation. at the same time, nature presents the tamils and the palestinians with the challenge of striving for unity. the tamils are in the most dire situation, as there is no doubt that they are the ones predating the sinhalese, whereas the jews have a foothold. from a legal standpoint, though, the jews are living on the generosity of the palestinians, whereas the sinhalese are not entitled, even to generosity.

as far as the sankathi article goes,

the long term vision needs to be enhanced by an effort from the breakaway group of karuna to go to the higher ground and attempt a rapprochment, in the absence of which, the struggle will continue anyway. whatever grievances that the karuna side had, are a thing of the past. such things happen, as do the need to change course when faced with different scenarios. a council of equals, dedicated only to the homeland, will be the solution to all the insecurities, among the various powercentres. the douglas devanandas can also be roped in, the return of all to the table will be complete.

in the absence of any such efforts, at this juncture, if sites like tamilnet continue to spite the people of tamilnadu, by unbecoming and illbecoming references to kalaignar, the feeling that maybe the eelam tamils do not deserve their homeland, is what will begin to take root. as the elder statesman and the most distinguished leader of the tamils has stated, only when there is unity can there be victory.

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