Friday, August 6, 2010

elders counsel and divine sanction

in the rajya sabha,as all the representatives began asking questions of the home minister,the real wisdom and the counsel came out,as everyone from ram vilas paswan to rashid alvi spoke,the home minister must have found the interaction useful.

i was not unlucky to have heard any bjp member speak,but the speakers i heard referred to some one else who had spoken about mobs and the abrogation of article 370.

the depths of the foolishness of these guys makes us obvious that these people are beyond correction.the disease of the rss has taken too deep a hold for these people to be freed.these people are stuck in some shame that the rss has made them feel that they have inherited.this intake of falsehood has robbed them of the faculty of common sense.

as lk advani sits, wringing his hands in parliament, like the so-very-good-poor fellow, at least now he will and should realise that lying and deceiving will ultimately result in the wringing of hands.there are still so many countless people who are continuously fooled and cheated, by these undeserving for public life people.the wisdom and the clarity of our ancestors has been allowed to be rubbished,all just for the necessity of a fringe community that feels rootless and hopeless,in spite of having been present for over 2 milennia.just because this fringe community wants to get back to the position that we were cursed to go through,all the others who have some issue with  flowering of democracy, and all those who have lost their links with their origins, are being wrecked into mental destruction by this fringe group.

the fringe group is flirting with danger, in its attempt to believe itself into a mythical status.the daydreamers will be brought awake with a thud.

the more that they corrupt and misinform and mislead and fool, the more that they are putting themselves up for the retribution of nature.

the divisions that they fed to the people, make them feel that they will never ever be thrown out.
beware, nature and truth will strike when you least expect it. try to reform and shed all that you yourselves know is contrived and useless.begin the life of honesty and hard work and you will find peace.if you continue to resort to reach the pinnacle by lying and cunning,your time is now.

at least now, stop peddling rama and hanuman and sustaining yourselves.

as for the equivalent on the other side of the border, the floods have given work,that you first grow your food and live your life, before trying to help others.these others too were asked by ram vilas paswan,what is the issue, he asked?all the journalists will talk big.but what the issue is is that some people do not want to admit that their lives were wasted,these people fought for the sake of islam,not for the sake of justice.all those who fought for justice died in the battles,all those youth who fought against injustice.those who used some injustice here to want to join there, are the ones who now refuse to understand that their lives were wasted.

all those who want to win in politics for their religion, and fool themselves that their religion will give them their destiny,in a situation where there is no issue of religion,ultimately end up losing,the geelanis and the advanis have lost.the zias and the khaleda zias have lost. the rajapakses and the osamas are the ones who are living on borrowed time,fighting for their religion and their god, the god will be laughing and these morons who want to uplift the they think that are equal to god, to try to uplift the god.

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