Wednesday, August 11, 2010

bjp equals specious and hollow

all the speakers of the bjp were showed out to be specious and hollow, if not liars and deceivers.

sandeep dikshit,sambasiva rao and manish tiwari have spoken the truth and the facts.

the one-sided modern day beggars, that have to live their lives by constantly peddling the half picture, ie the television news channels like times now, will continue to make a living by portraying the half picture.

the truth is that the bjp has been found out to be a party of emptiness,a party that cannot fashion a parliamentary finesse and canot fathom the complexity of governance.

the party thinks that by gesticulating wildly and madly,its point will be taken across to the people.

why do we have to brook such stupidity.

because some wandering fringe minority tribe has fashioned something, in its frustration and defeatism,that was put to use,wherever there was a dispute among the natives.whoever listended to this fringe minority, was put to believe that he was of special descent.that gave the listener the edge in his dispute, the dispute that could have been resolved with common sense,was thus, made concrete and unresolvable, and through the centuries, the simple dispute or petty issue,was made out into a matter of us and them.

the fringe minority is still the fringe minority,as it is always found out and shown out, by its necessity to portray an elevation over the rest, has now eneacted the final act of its saboatage, by setting up a party,the bjp, that has then attracted all the simpletons of the land, who only have the commonality of a belief in the mythical texts of the fringe minority.they do not possess wisdom, neither do they possess clarity and leadership.

will such a group of mps find it possible to present a case in parliament that is well-argued and contributive.

it is very simple that the answer is no, as has been evident in parliament in the last ten days.

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