Friday, July 30, 2010

lk advani,narendra modi and jayalalitha

what is the common link between these characters that makes them behave with the least idea about what dignity is.What is it that makes these characters behave in a totally alien manner to the simplicity of the people of our country.our people never believe in acting big and important, especially acting arrogantly.

these three chahracters seem to think that the trash that is at the heart of the so called hinduism allows them to retain a position of dominance.

these three characters have led the people into watching their behaviour,and our people,as always, give everyone of such characteristics enough rope before they inevitably choke themselves.

In gujarat, the people are addicted to the show of the evil, that which has corrupted all that the centuries of dignified existence had created.all the dignity is slowly being eroded in an addiction to the feeling of assertion.if assertion is honest,it will be enriching. if the assertion is led by a one-man show that springs from the writings of a brahminist group. the people will learn that there is no getting away easily from such addictions.

all those who are followers of such characters that lack the basic dignity and decorum needed for public life, will realise at the end that their lives were wasted.there is no alternative to honesty and patience in life. the shortcut will ultimately lead to nowhere. 

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